The brides and bridesmaids flowers set the scene for the day.  The flowers should be designed to enhance the finished look.  They should be comfortable to hold and correctly proportioned.
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When choosing bouquets there are three styles of bouquet.

The traditional shower and tear drop bouquets, also known as the cascading bouquet.  This style has seen a revival over the past few years.  Vintage theme has been very popular and recreating 50’s style bouquets have been on trend.  The style of dress suited to shower bouquets are not a lot of detail on the dress, full skirt and a train.  If you like the style but not the size of the shower bouquet opt for a tear drop bouquet this is more tapered and compact.

The more informal bouquets are Hand tied Posy bouquets.  These suit any style of dress, especially ones with lots of detail.  Although this is the most popular style of bouquet the flexibility of flower choice allows them to be unique to each bride.  These are generally the // college narrative essaystyle of flowers used for bridesmaids.

The other style is the Tied sheaf.  These are flowers tied together and designed to be carried across the arm. They are a relaxed bouquet style that is contemporary, simple and elegant.

We don’t expect you to find your perfect bouquet in our Gallery.  We want to create your own individual bouquet that is perfect to you.   Look at style, colour selection, choice of flowers and our workmanship to provide you with inspiration.