About Us

We are a team consisting of seven florists, two trainee Florists and three drivers.

It is our imaginative creativity, professional and outgoing personalities that give Flowerhouse its very own style. We are very much a working, authentic florist.  With an open plan shop, everything is geared to the flowers and customer experience. Our customers become friends very quickly and, as the saying goes:

“You get more than flowers at Flowerhouse”

Flowers are constantly being created and you will often be involved in whatever conversation is happening. It all adds to the experience and in no time at all, your flowers are ready.

With the high quality flowers, the creative designs and our friendliness, we have an ever growing loyal customer base.

Gill - Director
Julie - Supervisor Florist
Christine - Florist
Kerry - Florist
Ruth - Florist
Kirsty - Trainee Florist
Nicola - Florist
Nikola - Florist
Ellie - Trainee Florist
Colin - Driver
Nikki - Driver
Thankyou to Andrew Dunning Photography for providing the headshots www.andrewdunning.co.uk